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Choosing a good financial solution providing company is a most important part of your portfolio as it’s a very personal and confidential relationship. At Moat wealth, we have CUSTOMER FIRST approach and strongly believe that what is good for client, is good for us. 

Analysing and consolidating your existing portfolio: We help customer with streamlining their existing portfolio consisting of Life Insurance, Health insurance, Personal Accident cover, Mutual funds, Fixed deposits, Stocks, PMS, Gold, Real estate and Other financial products to evaluate and analyse your existing financial position.

Risk Profiling and understanding Financial Goals: The next step is to do the Risk profiling and understand short term, med term and long-term financial goals like Buying Home, Child Education, Marriage, Retirement solution etc.

Insurance Solution: On the protection side we recommend Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Critical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance to cover all the financial liabilities and to make financial provision to take care of all family members in case of Death, Hospitalisation, Critical illnesses and Accidents so that current family lifestyle is maintained in case of any uncertainties.

Wealth Solution : We recommend a portfolio with suitable products like Debt Mutual funds, Equity Mutual funds, Company Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Portfolio Management services, PPF, Fixed income products, Gold etc for wealth creation and to achieve all financial goals family has.

Asset Allocation : As per risk profile, the asset allocation of the portfolio is decided. Aggressive portfolio can have around 85% Equity and 15% Debt, Moderately aggressive can have 70% Equity and 30% Debt, Moderately conservative portfolio can have 50% Debt and 50% Equity and very conservative portfolio can have 30% Equity and 70% Debt. Asset allocation is not fixed and can change as per individual client risk taking abilities and goals.

Aligning your investments to your financial goals : Most important part of planning is to align your investments with your financial goals so that your emotions and financial behaviour is managed well and we track this goals during review to see the progress of the same.

Periodic portfolio review: Our team will analyse and monitor your portfolio on regular bases to make changes as per your needs and requirements. We recommend half yearly review with client.

Rebalancing the Portfolio : We recommend client to rebalance the portfolio when the market is bullish and clients have made good returns on portfolio then we recommend to switch assets from Equity to Debt to do some profit booking and on the other hand when the market is bearish and very low then we rebalance the portfolio by switching the assets from Debt to Equity to take advantage of the lower market.

Other Benefits

  • Financial Assets consolidation at one place: Feed and track all your personal financial data on our online platform like your Mutual fund portfolio, Stock Portfolio, Post office schemes, Commodity, Real estate, Fixed deposits, Life insurance policies, Health Insurance/ Mediclaim, Accidental Insurance and Vehicle Insurance

  • You can execute any financial transaction on a click of a button from any part of the world

  • Web access to your financial portfolio using unique username and password from anywhere

  • Mobile access to your portfolio through our Mobile app

  • Monthly email giving details of your portfolio

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager to manage your portfolio

  • Periodic Goal Progress report

  • Dedicated Servicing team to provide premium services all time