Four Pillars of SMART Financial Goals

The foundation of reaching your financial goals depends largely on how you plan your goals. There are four pillars of SMART financial goals which will help you to achieve your goals. Watch the video to understand the process of planning goals better.

Why do you need a Financial Advisor?

People often contemplate whether it is beneficial to hire a Financial Advisor or not.. The answer is simple. Whether it's Health or Wealth, you don't want risk for either. Like a Doctor, a Financial Advisor is Financial Doctor.Watch the video to understand how a Financial Advisor can help you grow your money by aligning your

Invest Longer For Higher Returns

During times of market correction a lot of investors stop their SIPs fearing losses. But what happens if you stay invested? See the video to find out how it can help you maximize returns.

Why every woman should know money management?

Young working women, as soon as they start earning, should get into the habit of savings. Get into the habit for getting financial knowledge which means knowing about financial products like FD, RD, PPF, Mutual fund, Life Insurance and start investing because in the early stage of your career, the are earnings are less and if

Quantifying the futility of timing the market

“I can’t recall ever once having seen the name of a market timer on Forbes’ annual list of the richest people in the world. If it were truly possible to predict corrections, you’d think somebody would have made billions by doing it.” – Peter Lynch

Life and equity investing both are like roller coaster rides.

Life and equity investing both are like roller coaster rides. You enjoy when roller coaster goes up but you get scared when it comes down. If you try to jump out of it in between when you are scared, you will surely hurt yourself. If you stay calm till the end, you will enjoy the

National Pension Scheme – Recent changes expected w.e.f. April 2019

In recent Union Cabinet meeting few changes are approved in NPS. The Cabinet made withdrawal from NPS completely tax-free and also approved higher government contribution for central government employees covered under NPS.

Don’t get stuck like Abhimanyu. Make the right exit decisions.

Do you know when to exit your investments? Have you felt you could have made more if you had exited at the right time? Have an exit strategy is very important to make the most of your investments. We usually get tips on when to invest but it’s the asset allocation which is more important than trying to time to market. Here’s a short video decoding asset allocation and exit strategy. A must watch for anyone looking to maximise their investment potential.

Get 100% Cashback on your Home Loan

Get 100% Cashback on your Home Loan. Can’t believe it’s true? It is possible with the smart use of SIPs which can actually repay your entire loan. Watch this video and get loan free and stress free.

Income tax saving guide for all

Taxes are an integral part of our life. Tax is used by the government to provide certain basic provisions to citizens. Individuals who earn i.e. have income more than a certain amount are expected to pay taxes, as per the existing Income tax slabs. The government also provides certain provisions wherein one can save tax. Tax deductions

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