National Pension Scheme – Recent changes expected w.e.f. April 2019

In recent Union Cabinet meeting few changes are approved in NPS. The Cabinet made withdrawal from NPS completely tax-free and also approved higher government contribution for central government employees covered under NPS.

Is it a good time to invest in midcap mutual fund schemes?

Midcap and smallcap schemes have been going through a tough phase for some time now. These schemes were hit badly in the the last six months. Midcap category gave an average return of -5.63 per cent and smallcap schemes generated –7.75 per cent in the six-month period. However, mutual fund advisors believe it is an

Fed on track to hike rates regardless of emerging market woes

Emerging markets struggling with higher U.S. interest rates are likely to get little sympathy from the Federal Reserve. Currencies of such nations have been hammered in a spreading selloff amid worries that their economies won’t cope with higher U.S. borrowing costs. That’s prompted central bankers in India and Indonesia to raise interest rates and urge

Does LTCG tax on equity mutual fund schemes make them unattractive?

Equity investors are a worried lot. After the budget announcement on February 1, they have to pay tax on long-term gains made from equities, which were earlier tax-free. That’s a big negative. Some investors are contemplating: “Why invest in equities anymore, since it has lost its preferential tax treatment?” “Why invest for long term in

Fixed Deposits Vs Liquid Funds: Which Is A Better Choice For You?

Bank fixed deposits or FDs are popular as a savings instrument among investors. FDs are generally the go-to investment option for risk-averse investors because they assure a fixed interest rate. On the other hand, liquid funds refer to a category of mutual funds that invest in a basket of different securities like treasury bills and

Personal finance lessons for Flipkart millionaires

Walmart's acquisition of Flipkart has generated one of the largest pools of wealth for employees in India's corporate history. Employee stock option plans (Esops) held by about 100 current and former employees of Flipkart are now estimated to be worth more than $1 million. A recent Times of India article stated that the deal would make a



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