Insurance in its purest sense is protection against a financial loss arising out of uncertainty which includes the risk of illness, disability, damage to property and the most final of them all – one’s demise.

The consequences of early death of Bread winner of the family would be as follows.

  • Family left to manage liabilities like Home loans, Car loan.
  • Manage regular household expenses
  • Manage goals expenses like children’s education and their Marriage on their own.


Term Insurance cover ensures that your family has protection against a financial loss arising out of uncertainties of life.

Health Insurance/Mediclaim – this is a must have for every family member. It can be taken as an individual policy or as a family floater. This will cover regular hospital expenses in case of any hospitalization.

Inadequate Health Insurance will Increases financial burden on the bread earner of the family, He may have to borrow money or sell asset like gold to pay for hospital expenses.

Accidents can cause Huge hospitalization expenses, Partial, Temporary or permanent Disability and Loss of Income. Personal Accident cover ensures that the family gets financial support in case of partial disability, permanent disability, Death, Loss of income due to Accidents.

Increase in number of life threatening prolonged Critical illnesses like Cancer, Heart Attack, Kidney failure, Paralysis, stroke, Major organ transplant etc are on rise and such disease can results in increase in hospitalization, Nursing, Medicine and household expenses due to prolonged illness.

Critical illness policy will pay out a lump sum upon diagnosis of any critical illness from the defined list of illnesses stipulated.

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